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Mesaimeer, Doha Qatar

Asian Town, Plaza Mall, M floor

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Our facility management services cover the policies, processes, and procedures of IAP Real Estate towards:

  • Quality management
  • Environmental management
  • QHSE & occupational health & safety management
  • Catering services management
  • Laundry management
  • Utility services
  • Maintenance management (MEP)
  • Cleaning services management
  • Facilities administration and help desk management.
  • Asset maintenance
  • Security management
  • Accommodation management
  • Recreational management
  • Welfare, medical, and health care services

The objectives of having facility management services are to achieve:

  • Process effectiveness and efficiency
  • User-friendly facility management system
  • Simplicity
  • Better control
  • Cost-saving
  • A safe and healthy environment
  • Respectful living atmosphere

The scope of facility management services covers the following:

  • Provision of residential facilities.
  • Provision of waste management, housekeeping, pest control, administration services, catering services, laundry services, security services, and utility services, recreational services, asset maintenance, retail management, welfare, medical, and healthcare services, operational management, health & safety management, and environmental management to the residents.

 The facility management services are to implement and continually improved to ensure the productivity/services delivered are environmentally safe and consistently meet interested parties and regulatory requirements.