Property Management

“At IAP Real Estate you get more than property management, but you get complete real estate solutions”


IAP Real Estate provides a commitment to serve with excellence through a proactive, solution-driven approach to adding value. We recognize that effective management of your assets is a key factor in adding value. We will develop a deep understanding of your vision for each asset and develop solutions to achieve them.

Our ability to provide additional services will assist with the strategic decisions for each stage of a property’s life cycle. We offer management options for entire buildings and developments in both residential and commercial sectors.

IAP Real Estate covers the full range of Property Management services which typically include but is not limited to:

Property Evaluation: A thorough and efficient evaluation is essential prior to proceeding with a deal, be it for buy or rent. With IAP Real Estate, it can be assured that you will receive a clear picture before going with a deal. We have an understanding of the market where the property is located and we establish rental rates by surveying local rental rates, calculating overhead costs, depreciation, and profit goals. We also suggest facility improvements to make the property attractive to tenants.

Property Marketing: We are responsible for marketing the property to find new clients/tenants. We always try to understand what drives tenant interest and satisfaction and bring the best practices to your properties to attract and retain the best quality tenants. In order to reach out to a greater pool of prospective tenants. IAP Real Estate team utilizes a variety of digital tools, websites, and media to showcase your property. We expose your property to the optimum available market at its highest practical rental value.

Commercial Lease Administration: We manage everything related to the administration and signing of new lease contracts and their renewals. We take the responsibility for setting the length of the lease and making sure it has all the necessary provisions to protect the owner. The deep understanding of the state legislation that applies to renting and maintaining rental properties, enables us to advise in the event of a legal dispute or litigation.

Managing the Tenants: From the pre-rental tenant screening to the final move-out, we are here to take care of all the responsibilities. We promptly handle all tenant questions, concerns, and requests for maintenance and repair.

Accounting & Financial Reporting: Our Finance Department provides all the financial management support necessary to maintain a clear balance sheet. This support includes budgeting, financial accounting, cost tracking, and expense reconciliation.

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