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Asian City

IAP Real Estate is proud to take a part in the operation and management of Asian City to ensure the delivery of high-quality and standard accommodation that is especially intended for residing workers to live in harmony and experience the highest levels of both comfort and convenience. At IAP Real Estate, we continue our best to emphasize and value workers’ efforts for taking a big part in building the country and making the 2022 world cup a success story, while staying on course of the 2030 Qatar vision.

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Asian Town

Asian Town is a multidimensional project by the government of Qatar, managed by Ibn Ajayan Real Estate Projects, for the expatriate communities in Qatar.

Asian Town is home to:

  • The biggest Amphitheater in Qatar
  • First international cricket stadium in Qatar
  • Shopping Mall
  • Four Cinemas
  • Two Recreation Halls
  • Plenty of Restaurants
  • Hypermarket
  • Department Stores

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Industrial Area Business Complex

IAP Real Estate has built and operated our brand new Industrial Area Business Complex (IABC) located in St. No. 10, IABC is a complete business solution that offers commercial shops, business offices, warehouses, workshops, and 12 brand-new workers’ accommodation buildings.

Multi-purpose built complex majoring 24,000 m2 with easy access for workers to all buildings through 21 gates on 4 sides of the Industrial Area main roads. The internal road networks allow easy access to all types of Auto Services including life support, safety, and fire protection as well as ample parking places.

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Salwa Accommodation Project

Salwa Accommodation is a smart and modern accommodation on Salwa road, managed by Ibn Ajayan Real Estate Projects, one of the leading property management companies in Qatar. Salwa Accommodation is an ideal staff accommodation project near the industrial area.

This is a compound accommodation that has many outdoor facilities including shops and big playgrounds. Recreational options are available with indoor and outdoor games.

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