Facility Managment


IAP can handle all the tough problems for you, from initials settings to day-to-day operations. Our team is dedicated to providing the safest, most efficient and cost-effective work environments.

IAP’s Facilities Management professionals employ best practices to create and maintain the delivery of superior Facilities Management (FM) services. We act as an extension of our client’s organization to add value based upon our personnel’s expertise and industry knowledge, and the use of cutting-edge technology.

Our services will increase operational efficiencies across your entire portfolio. 

Hard Services


MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing)

Our dedicated in-house service delivery teams add value to our property management strategy by maximizing the lifespan of your technical assets, supplying strategic forward maintenance programs and appropriate recommendations on asset replacement and professional building maintenance. Essential services like critical power, lighting, air-conditioning and ventilation systems need proper maintenance to keep them running smoothly. Our professionals are always there to cover all emergency situations.

Operation and Maintenance

Facility can never be operated at peak efficiency without being properly maintained. O&M typically includes the day-to-day activities necessary for the building and its systems and its equipment to perform their intended function.

We provide a wide array of maintenance and operation services, from building to grounds to equipment. We know each facility has specific requirements. Our commitment is to customize a unique solution that adds value while reducing overall cost.





With the installation of HVAC system in our facilities, we ensure safe and healthy building conditions regulated with respect to temperature and humidity. This technologically advanced system is responsible for providing fresh outdoor air to dilute interior airborne contaminants such as odors from occupants, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) emitted from interior furnishings, chemicals used for cleaning, etc.

A properly designed HVAC system will provide a comfortable indoor environment year round when properly maintained. Our technically empowered staff and technicians inspect the facility regularly and make recommendations regarding any mechanical issues that may arise. This will improve overall operation and efficiency.


The landscaping division is responsible for the overall appearance of the facility ground and committed to maintain the facility in a safe and environmentally pleasing manner. From replanting and periodic maintenance to indoor plant landscaping, we provide full service in landscaping, including design, construction, maintenance, decorated walls, water features, seasonal plants, and more.

We have specially trained staff to evaluate and maintain turf wickets in sports facility grounds.

Soft Services

House Keeping

IAP employs professional housekeeping team to ensure consistent and quality oriented services for your property. We take care every aspects of cleanliness to make it an organized facility and it eventually contribute to the long life of property. Our well trained professionals possess soft skills essential to this service.

We offer following services to make your property clean and manageable.

·         Internal and external cleaning services for buildings

·         Compound door to door collection

·         Manual and mechanical road sweeping and more


Pest Control

Our guaranteed pest control make your place always protected. We have trained technicians who provide professional services in alignment with the latest trends. With our best and most technologically advanced services, we provide safe, effective and reliable pest control to take care of multitude of pest problems.

Waste Management

We are applying latest waste management solutions to maintaining a sanitary and environmentally friendly community. Our team has a large fleet of collection trucks, skips, and bins for the collection of domestic trash and garbage, non-toxic construction materials, and yard waste. All of the collected garbage, depending upon the nature of the waste, is processed in accordance with Ministry and Municipal requirements.

We are committed to the sustainable management of waste to ensure legal compliance in a way that minimizes environmental impact and promotes resource efficiency.


We understands that our clients work long and hard, and value coming back to accommodation with amazing food, surrounding and staff. Our ISO 9001-22000 certified catering team follow the highest standards of quality, safety and health.

Our team has ISO 22000-2005 certification, which is the first international standard for the implementation of a certified food safety management system. It covers Interactive communication, System Management and Hazard control.

The safe handling of food is ensured and all products are monitored throughout the day to ensure proper holding temperatures. We employ trained staff to quality improvement and we believe that these services contribute to better working conditions and therefor increase productivity.


We are providing strong and reliable best quality services with advanced laundry equipment. More than brand new washers and dryers, we provide superior technology and service team.

Health & Safety

Health and safety compliance is imperative. It creates a better working environment within your place, which in turn furthers productivity and efficiency. We have a quality management HSE team certified by ISO 18001, ISO 14001, NEBOSH, OSHA, ALISON, and other certified institutes related to occupational health and safety and they are committed to:


·         Complying with all applicable legal requirements and other related industry standards of practice.

·         Continually improving our Health, Safety and Environment management system to achieve our aim of Zero Accident.

·         Implementation of Pest control and quality waste management practices to ensure good health and pollution free environment.


IAP has ensured the provision of a certified firefighting system and a dedicated team to carry out effective inspection, preventive and correlative maintenance of the system within our facilities.

We conduct:

·         Regular training for the staff

·         Quarterly mock drills in all our occupied facilities.

·         We also assist in emergency response and evacuation, Crowd control and provision of First Aid.


In order to ensure the safety of the entire Property and overall well-being of the occupants, we have deployed security personnel in strategic areas of the community. They will assist, monitor, patrol and report if there is any incident

Risk Management

Emphasize on risk management is what makes IAP an effective facility manager. At IAP, risk management is the continuous process of identifying, measuring, and minimizing the effects of risk. Our risk management solutions utilize an integrated approach to assess and respond to risks affecting your operation, strategic, and financial objectives. Our in-house loss prevention and claims specialists proactively identify risks, manage claims, determine response strategies, and monitor progress.


We help you to manage the wide range of risks and exposures encountered in today’s business environment. We have the client-centric approach, financial strength, global solutions, and local presence to be your strength against Risk.