Asian Town Amphitheater

 Memorable experience …Under the stars


Attending concerts outdoor are best when held at Asian Town’s “Amphitheater”. Beyond dancing and music, this creatively designed venue has a plethora of entertainment options for you. 


 Asian Town Amphitheater is the biggest theatre in Qatar and is considered a leading multi-purpose arts & recreation facility in Qatar. This stunning outdoor theatre has an audience capacity of 16000, making it the ideal choice for live concerts, award nights, festivals, cultural events and corporate events.


Both the acoustics and carefully thought of semicircular design of the Amphitheater guarantees long lasting events to remember. Since its grand opening, this unique venue hosted some of the most remarkable and memorable concerts exclusively held in the Amphitheater.


 Amphitheatre Features

Stage Dimensions

·         With  L 94 M X W 9.6 M X H 1.6 M

Seating Capacity

  •   14,483 general seats
  •  1500 VIP seats

    Green Rooms

  • ·        Behind the stage performers rooms for men & women
  • ·         Accommodates 20-30 individuals
  • ·         Air conditioned rooms
  • ·         5 shower rooms & 5 changing rooms for men
  • ·         5 shower rooms & 5 changing rooms for women
  • Ample Car Parking Space 

For more information and reservations please contact:

Ibn Ajayan Projects

Tel: 44999036

P.O. Box: 35028 Doha, Qatar


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