Facility Management




IBIN AJAYAN gives a vital importance to the coordination of people, organization and space. We possess the expertise in providing Facilities Maintenance & Management to industrial, commercial and residential complexes. Our quality assurance team ensures the highest degree of quality and accuracy for each drafted project as per the defined quality standards.


We accomplishes optimal, space and cost effective environment for the clients by managing following services.


  • Technical FM

  • Commercial FM

  • Infrastructural FM

  • Energy-conscious FM

  • Coaching

  • Process Management system (PMS)






















In Technical Facility Management, IAP takes care of reliability and efficiency in all technical equipment system.


For Example:


  • MEP

  • Operation, Maintenance and Repairs

  • Building Technology

  • Warranty Management

  • Refurbishment

  • Monitoring




In Commercial Facility Management, IAP takes care of business outlook.




For Example:




  • Renting

  • Utility invoicing

  • Cost Planning

  • Cost Controlling

  • Property Bookkeeping

  • Contract Management

  • Project Management




In infrastructural Facility Management, IAP Coordinates all services to do with the building.




For Example:


  • Goods and Logistics Services

  • Caretaking Services

  • Cleaning

  • Security Services

  • Gardening Services




In Energy-efficient Facility Management we provide solutions that saves energy and costs.




For Example:




  • Comparing and assessing your energy consumption

  • Consumption data for every time window

  • Expert advice for end users








  • We will coach your staff on our workflows, our checklists and our structures.

  • Our aim is to coach your staff, that they manage the objects in a safety, effective and sustainable way and to run a facility without causing any legal issues.

  • Comprehensive caching in on-the-job safety and fire safety

  • Instructing

  • Emergency plan

  • Risk assessment






Process Management system (PMS)


  • Excel based checklist and guidelines, e.g.:

  • Maintenance plan

  • Reporting

  • Key takeover report

  • Inspection record

  • Fire safety record

  • Technical daily report

  • Removal of defects

  • Meter-reading


All checklist are easy to customize for any special objects.


We can introduce you to the PMS an online presentation.